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Incorporating the Future into Everyday Thinking

ISRCS (Innovative Solutions Research & Consulting Services) works with you to evaluate your business and develop new pathways for success. Our custom deliverables provide cost-effective solutions, identify sources of competitive advantage, develop winning strategies and accelerate and sustain growth.

Marketing Research Department Implementation

If you are looking to save money by incorporating a marketing research department, ISRCS is recognized for our expertise in creating and implementing successful marketing research departments from scratch. We also provide training, staffing and management support. The infrastructure is customized to your needs and includes standardized processes, reports and forms, databases, a vendor grading system and an intranet site to communicate and consolidate research findings.

Market Segmentation

Insight provides a breakdown of your vertical markets, focusing on domestic and international sales by market segment, channels to market and products purchased.

Strategic Positioning & Planning

We develop effective business, marketing and strategic plans to help you sustain a competitive advantage in a global and dynamic marketplace.

Sales Strategies & Processes

We gain an in-depth understanding of your marketplace, identify critical success factors and measures, and provide qualified leads for your sales agents that aid in achieving revenue and profit goals.

Strategic Alliances & Partnerships

We uncover and build strong partnerships across your organization through collaboration and integration of insights that uncover market and consumer needs.

Get Insights For Successful Long-Term Planning.