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Providing the Right Information at the Right Time

Quality reporting and effective communication of insight throughout your organization and abroad is critical to success. ISRCS is recognized for developing custom reports and intranet sites that provide golden nuggets for success. Insight is customized to the readers and their needs and standardized throughout the organization. We offer a variety of custom deliverables based on your needs, timeline and budget.

State of the Market Report

Provides market and competitive intelligence insight that focuses on trends, organizational change and technological advancements.

Business Plan

Defines the objectives of your business, the strategy and tactics to achieve them and expected profits based on a 10-year forecast.

Marketing Plan

Detailed plan that provides assessments of potential marketing opportunities. Defines your target market and competitive marketplace, lead generation and follow-up sales strategies and processes, formal proposal writing, and business model design based on a 10-year forecast.

Strategic Planning

Detailed strategic plan that aligns strategic objectives with financial and human resources, providing a mechanism to review and sustain profitability and growth based on a 10 - 25 year forecast.

Executive Summary

Summary of key industry findings and recommendations.

News Publications

Includes key topics and market opportunities, best practices, new technologies and events that relate to your business.

Intranet Site Development

Layout and content is customized. Provides domestic and global business and competitive intelligence. Post, manage and effectively communicate insight.

Dashboard Development

Content provides critical metrics in an interactive setting that executes strategy, improves business processes and manages key company metrics proactively.

Get Critical Insights to Improve Your Business and Marketing Strategies.

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